science where is the order of deterministic chaos hiding? visual art

new texts in English about science:

On dark matter that isn't and On the legend of the Higgs boson
Waiting for the Higgs boson or a hypothesis for doing without dark matter (pdf)

new texts in English about art:

An introduction to Art in the Upper Paleolithic (pdf)
Gothic architecture and Scholasticism by Erwin Panofsky: a refutation
Renaissance Architecture C/ Flamboyant Gothic (pdf)
Baroque Architecture C/ Classic Architecture (pdf)
Rococo Architecture and Classic Architecture in the time of Rococo (pdf)
or summary in English of the French texts below

new texts in French:

A history of art and architecture in 12 periods,
revealing over the millennia the evolution
of the perceived relationship between matter and spirit

and an  Essay on art
Where it will be shown that this is not the representation of a hand


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