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Other expressions of the paradox continuous/cut  to the analysis  petite  grande

- analytic expression from the a69 type: circles are shapes spinning around continuously, whereas the routes of the limbs and that of the swords are always abruptly cut

- synthetic expression from the s69 type: the legs' line continues for a long time, in a very excessive way; in comparison, the route of the other lines seems cut early

- synthetic expression from the s19 type: all the shapes are made of narrow continuous lines, extremely elongated, abruptly cut by a cross line or by an excrescence

Other expressions of the paradox tied/independent  to the analysis  petite  grande

- analytic expression from the a1610 type: the heads at the tip of the necks almost look as the axes at the tip of their handles, as the feet at the tip of the legs, and as the excrescence at the tip of the swords. Due to this similarity, we visually tie them together, without losing awareness they are corresponding to independent realities

- synthetic expression from the s610 type: figures with big circles by way of trunk and with a very long shank by way of neck, bring back real figures: they are tied to the appearance of real figures. And yet, they have very few in common with the aspect of real figures: their aspect is independent of the appearance of real figures

- analytic expression from the a110 type: the various circles forming the figures' trunks are centred on the same location: they are all tied to this centre. In addition, they have no mutual contact at all: they are perfectly independent

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